Sustainable Remediation

An Economical, Feasible & Sustainable Technology

Knowledge Makes the Difference

Sustainable Remediation focuses on development of economical, technically feasible, and sustainable solutions for environmental remediation. The increasing complexity and the magnitude of current environmental problems require effective solutions resulted from a symbiosis of different disciplines. Our remediation solutions are based on in-depth scientific and technical knowledge and interdisciplinary work experience. Sustainable Remediation specializes in treatment technology of contaminated water and soil using physicochemical and biological processes.

Founding Director
Sudipta Pramanik, PhD

Dr. Sudipta Pramanik is an expert in Environmental Science & Engineering. She has over 10 years' experience in scientific research and development. Prior to founding Sustainable Remediation, Dr. Pramanik worked as a Research Assistant Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Hannam University, South Korea. She worked at Blue-O Technology Inc., Vancouver, Canada as a Research Scientist, where she led the technology development to control the water pollution caused by the Canadian oil sands industry. She received a Master's in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India in 2004 and PhD in Environmental Engineering from North Dakota State University, USA in 2010.

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